I’m a reporter.
I enjoy making the daily note like working a long-winded report. I like working on breaking news but also on small stories. I am interested in people, their lives, their universes and battles.
I write in newspapers, magazines and books. Even in opinion texts I dare, but I have only one limit: I cannot tell something if I was not there; I need to see, smell and listen.
I started in this way on 2004. 

Girls and adolescents facing sexual and femi(ni)cide(d) violence

Carla and her forced motherhood in Nicaragua. The lack of help in the Dominican Republic for Dayelín, pregnant at the age of 12 after being raped. The suicide of Sandra, victim and sexual spoils of gangs in El Salvador. Some of the very painful stories of girls and adolescents in Latin America.


The New York Times

The Death of a Genocide

MEXICO CITY  The man who killed who sent my parents to their death, along with thousands of other people, died while under house arrest a few weeks ago. He was 90 years old and serving 14 life sentences. Death has


La Guatemorfosis

Metallic bags glitter outside every kiosk in Guatemala. In a country where child malnutrition coexists with malnutrition, transnational corporations seduce children with fried foods and soft drinks. They replace the ancestral corn and, bag by bag, bottle by bottle, they


The (un) happy meal

The first time I went to Guatemala I was impressed by how many McDonalds restaurants were there. Later I learned that the happy meal, the combo that sells millions of dollars in the world every day, had been invented there,


DNA traffickers

This is a chronicle of how people profit from pain in a country that doubled the official number of disappeared in three years; a story of opaque agreements and private laboratories that


2019 National Journalism Prize of Mexico

Our group work “Los jornaleros forenses” was distinguished with the 2019 National Journalism Prize of Mexico, in the chronicle-narrative journalism category. It is the most important award given to the press in