Mexican National Journalism Prize

The Citizen’s Council of the National Journalism Award 2021 in Mexico recognised nine journalistic works among 1,015 entries from 31 states, most of which address the issue of the disappearance of people and the struggle of the mothers of victims. In the Reporting category, “Traficantes de ADN” (DNA Traffickers) was awarded, by Wendy Selene Pérez

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Torture, truth, justice: A forensic investigator unearths Guatemala’s past | Witness Documentary


Carlos Poyon was just three years old when his father was kidnapped and disappeared in Guatemala. Forty years later, the traditional weaver studies anthropology still hoping to find his father. Carlos also works for the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala (FAFG). He records survivors’ testimonies, takes DNA samples of those seeking missing loved ones and

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The risks and passion involved in being a journalist today, that’s what Endangered is all about. A documentary directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, produced by Ronan Farrow and distributed by


La Guatemorfosis


Metallic bags glitter outside every kiosk in Guatemala. In a country where child malnutrition coexists with malnutrition, transnational corporations seduce

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Freelance journalist. Writer, producer, researcher. He publishes in media such as The New York Times, Gatopardo, La Jornada. He was a correspondent for teleSUR and El Telégrafo. Founder and editor of Bocado.lat. She wrote the book Ayotzinapa, eternal hours and is the co-author of Let’s talk about your wall and Words like blows, like bullets. In cinema he investigated for VIVOS, directed by Ai Wei Wei (along with Daniela Rea and John Gibler), Los dias de Ayotzinapa (Netflix) and Blood in the wall (National Geographic / Junger Quested). Also in After the war (teleSUR / Muzungu) and she produces fiction for director Andrea Bussmann.



Opening cracks

Through four stories of survivors and family members of victims of grave human rights violations, we show the continuum of decades of violence in which the Mexican State has failed to guarantee the rights of victims. In a country with

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eternal hours