The risks and passion involved in being a journalist today, that’s what Endangered is all about. A documentary directed by Heidi Ewing

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Do drastic times for our climate call for drastic measures? That is the question governments around the world are asking themselves as the impacts of climate change take an increasingly deadly toll on the earth. field producer in Mexico by Paula Mónaco Felipe.

South Asian and Mexican foods aren’t typically perceived as valuable, or worth more than ‘cheap eats’. That’s why Saqib Keval and Norma Listman created Masala y Maiz: to bring food back to community, where it’s valued. But there are complexities–Mexico City is undergoing a gentrification crisis, rising rent and erasing Spanish in some areas, and


Carlos Poyon was just three years old when his father was kidnapped and disappeared in Guatemala. Forty years later, the traditional weaver studies anthropology still hoping to find his father. Carlos also works for the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala (FAFG). He records survivors’ testimonies, takes DNA samples of those seeking missing loved ones and


The risks and passion involved in being a journalist today, that’s what Endangered is all about. A documentary directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, produced by Ronan Farrow and distributed by HBO. I was fortunate to be involved as a local producer in Mexico


Endangered’ Review: A Sobering Documentary Shows the Fourth Estate Under Strain Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s potent new HBO doc finds frightening evidence of the free press — and democracy — in multinational decline. By Dennis Harvey The resurgence of neo-fascist movements and authoritarian rule around the world has unsurprisingly coincided with a ramping-up of hostility


As more U.S. states move to criminalize abortion, activists in Mexico have been inundated with calls from women seeking abortion medication. Our cameras went inside their distribution effort. By Paula Mónaco Felipe, Miguel Tovar, Souleyman Messalti, Caroline Kim and Brent McDonald •July 15, 2022


For some years we have heard about peace in Colombia. Of a supposed exemplary achievement that is presumed to the world. With the support of RedFish, in 2021 we went to see -and document- what is really happening. We find that the war continues, in some territories it has worsened, and we also find many


Without forgetting and without rest. Peace no longer exists for Tranquilina Hernández Lagunas, but her makes an unstoppable engine from her sadness. Mario Vergara doesn’t go a day without searching. Marabunta Peace Humanitarian Brigade not only protects in demonstrations. They also accompany families searching in the hills. Where no one goes, they walk, dig, hug.

Immigration under the current administration is indelibly marked by powerful media images of migrant caravans, thousands of Central American families walking hundreds of miles through Mexico desperate to attain asylum in the United States. Acclaimed filmmaker Sebastian Junger (Academy Award®-nominated RESTREPO and KORENGAL) reteams with Nick Quested (Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of


On a late-September day in 2014, students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College were brutally attacked by police forces and other masked assailants as they were travelling through the town of Iguala, Guerrero. Six people were killed and 43 students were abducted and never heard from again. Since then, the families of the students have