Sometimes the job of a journalist is to document. 
It seems simple but it isn’t. For me, documenting is going to places, observing, listening, doing interviews, asking many questions and observing more. Also it’s collecting data, compare with other information, analyze statistics. 
I have made reports requested by some NGO . They are not only comissions for me, they’re joint works for documenting.  

2019 National Journalism Prize of Mexico

Our group work “Los jornaleros forenses” was distinguished with the 2019 National Journalism Prize of Mexico, in the chronicle-narrative journalism category. It is the most important award given to the press in Mexico, but there is no place for celebrations

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Droplets by Paula Mónaco Felipe – Bomb Magazine

Translated by @ellen_c_jones , can be found in LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR WALL, a collection of Mexican writers weighing in on the immigration crisis. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR WALL is out 10/15 from @thenewpress Unlocked from BOMB #153

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