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One month exceeds the previous one and the next is worse: violence increases steadily in Mexico. In ten years, the so-called “war on drug trafficking” has left more than 150,000 murdered and nearly 40,000 missing, according to official data, although the actual figures are believed to be even worse. The spiral doesn’t stop. The violence


The Limbo teleSUR Documentary for television 2014   The drama of deportation that millions of Mexicans suffer, put into concrete faces, words and stories. Life falling apart in Tijuana, “The limbo” where they wander. Produced by Ajolote Producciones: Miguel Tovar, Jorge Muñoz and Paula Mónaco Felipe.


Cortometraje de Al Jazeera Plus, dirigido y producido por Michelle Coomber. Animación: Billie Loebner Cámara: Elpida Nikou y Rodrigo Hernández Producción: Paula Mónaco Felipe Liga al video: