Blood on the wall/ NatGeo-Goldcrest

Immigration under the current administration is indelibly marked by powerful media images of migrant caravans, thousands of Central American families walking hundreds of miles through Mexico desperate to attain asylum in the United States.



On a late-September day in 2014, students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College were brutally attacked by police forces and other masked assailants as they were travelling through the town of Iguala,

The 43, Netflix, documentary series


Research for the 43, Netflix, documentary serie Netflix, documentary series Year 2019 Hosted by Paco Ignacio Taibo 2 Directors: Matías Gueilburt and Sebastián Martínez Piñeiro Executive productor: Sebastián Gamba General production: Sebastián Gamba,

Mexican elections: beyond promises


  Unrestrained violence, structural poverty, corruption and lack of opportunities. Ciudad Juárez, always beaten and rebuilding itself. Veracruz, poverty in fertile land. Mexico City, too many young people for so few universities.

Mexico, violence silenced


One month exceeds the previous one and the next is worse: violence increases steadily in Mexico. In ten years, the so-called “war on drug trafficking” has left more than 150,000 murdered and

The limbo


The Limbo teleSUR Documentary for television 2014   The drama of deportation that millions of Mexicans suffer, put into concrete faces, words and stories. Life falling apart in Tijuana, “The limbo” where